Rental Conditions

Dear Guests



Due to the popularity of the apartment we should take note of the proverb the early bird catches the worm. We suggest that as soon as you have chosen the dates you wish to stay, book as soon as possible. Send us an mail of fill in the contact form . On the other hand, if you are after a late booking, dont hesitate to call us and we will let you know if the property is still available.



To secure your reservation, we will need your full name, address and telephone number. A bank transfer should be made for 25 % of the full amount, this generally takes 3 days to go through. From the moment your booking has been made up until 7 days, your reservation will be seen as valid and no other reservation will be accepted during this period. When we have received confirmation from the bank that the transfer has been successful, we will send you an email or fax confirming your reservation. For clients outside the E.U. the deposit will be  50 % of the full amount. The deposit must be paid within 7 days of the reservation being made. Once the money has been received, you will be sent a confirmation of your reservation, travel document, including travel instructions. Once the payment has been received, your reservation is automatically confirmed. The confirmation of your booking must be presented on arrival.



The remaining amount owed should be paid in cash on arrival, after the keys have been handed over. Or if preferred the remaining amount can also be transferred directly into our bank account, as was the deposit. Credit cards, EC cards or travellers checks are not accepted.



The property should only be occupied by the paying tenent and companions, third parties are strictly forbidden, either to use the apartment facilities, pool or terrace area.



The keys of the apartment will be personally handed over to you, on the day of your arrival. This is normally from 14 hrs. However the days that there is not a changeover on the same day, we can negociate another time for the keys to be handed over. We ask that you phone 24 hours before your arrival/departure so a time can be agreed on. When a new client is expected on the same day as your departure, we do ask that the apartment is vacated at 10 noon. We will meet in the apartment to return the deposit, collect the keys and of course wish you a happy and safe journey!



It is possible to cancel the reservation or indeed for someone else to come in your place if you cant make it, if of course we are in agreement with the change of plans. For this changeover it is necessary that the original client sends us the details of the new client, full name, address ect.


Changes for cancellation

General charge for cancellation: 40,00 Euro

-25 % of total cost up until 42 days before expected arrival date.

-50 % of total cost up until 30 days before expected arrival date.

-90 % of total cost up until expected arrival date.


Once we have received the cancellation of your booking, we will try and book in new clients for the dates you originally booked. If we are successful in finding someone to rent the apartment for the same period, you will only be charged 40 Euro for the cancellation. We recommend that you take out travel insurance.



In the case that there are power cuts or the water supply is cut off during a time or any other minor set backs, that are of no fault of our own, no type of compensation may be claimed. The client should get in touch with us immediately that they detect a fault and owner has up until 48 hours to solve the problem or do any reparation work necessary. No complaints or claims will be considered after the departure date and no discount will be made on the price of the reservation.



The minimum stay is 5 nights. During the summer months (April - Oktober) the minimum stay is 7 nights. Depending on availability, it may be possible to book for less than 7 nights.



You have rented a property in a quiet apartment block. We ask that you respect the tranquillity of the area, especially mid-day, Sundays and night time (between 11 p.m. until 8 a.m.)



Out of consideration for our non-smoking guests (the majority), it is forbidden to smoke in the apartment. Please do not throw cigarette butts on or over the balcony or on the terrace. Please remember that the plant pots are not ash-trays.



Animals are not allowed in the apartment due to possible allergies of later guests.



The guest is expected to treat all house contents, walls and decoration with extreme care and to keep the apartment clean and tidy. Anything that has been broken or damaged during the stay must be replaced by the guests before they leave. It is also forbidden to throw waste materials, ash, dangerous liquids or anything similar to the sinks or WC. If because of this action the pipes are damaged or blocked the guest will be expected to pay for the repair work. No towels either hand or bath towels are allowed on the beach or by the pool. So please bring your own with you. No kitchen utensils (cups, plates, cutlery) may be taken outside the apartment. No furniture such as chairs or tables may be taken from the flat either for use by the pool or on the terrace.



The kitchen has a ceramic hob with four burners, please be sure that all are switched off when not in use.



(Inclusiv)  Please be sensible in the use of water due to the water shortage in Mallorca.



The client and guests are fully responsible for any damage in the apartment. On arrival a deposit of 150,00 Euro should be paid. If when the key is returned at the end of the holiday the apartment is in its original state the deposit will be retuned, if not the costs of any damage will be deducted fro the deposit.



In the apartment both the heating system and the air-conditioning are electric. It is very important that they are switched off, when the windows are open or nobody is in the apartment. We strongly suggest you follow this advice as you will be paying for your own use of electric at 0,18 cents Kw / Hour + VAT.



LIDL, SPAR, EROSKI, SCHELECKER, BIP, bakeries and several small supermarkets are nearby.



When you leave the apartment, please make sure that all the doors, windows and shutters are closed.



We need a minimum of 5 hours to clean the apartment. At times, because the following clients arrival might be quite early on, we dont always have this amount of time, but we normally are able to deliver the apartment on time. If due to the apartment being left in bad condition, extremely untidy, in need of  repair, painting etc.12,00 Euro will be charge for each extra hour. We ask you please, to leave the apartment as tidy as possible, wash and dry all the crockery used, separate and dispose of the rubbish, strip the beds and hover the flat.



If for unforeseen circumstances you have to leave earlier than expected, there will be no refund. However if we do manage to rent the apartment or the time you were unable to stay, we will refund those days.



If any f the terms and conditions of the contract have not been respected the owner of the apartment has the right to immediately evict the client from the apartment. If the client refuses to leave, a formal complaint will be made to the police. If any of these regulations are modified or changed, the new conditions will also be expected to be obeyed.



Palma de Mallorca


For any doubt you could have, please do not hesitate to call the following number:

+34 615.600.332


We wish you a nice holiday !